Three Words

by Driveway

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Three song album sampler for our debut album due to be released Summer 2013.

Free download at: www[dot]mediafire[dot]com/?6boe2d1b5g9mhmg

Fight The Future


released March 23, 2013



all rights reserved


Driveway Dublin, Ireland

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Track Name: 731
Go ahead and write me off, I'm not so special, I'm acting out.
I'm boring myself, I'm Chinatown.
And I'll play my forfeit to the ground.

Then comes the twist and the turn, no one really loves anyone.
Like a mistake setting the bone, it won't work until you break it again.

Set it up and it's no different, your best friend is broken fingers,
broken like the promises I keep rewriting to suit myself.
You say you're worried about my health, Zoey.
This life marked down as one mistake, one big mistake.
Zoey, I'm out.
Track Name: The Red and the Black
I got a new bike to take me to the other side of the city.
I quit my job for a full-time demotion to searching,
Aimlessly, still too stubborn to admit,
The pointed similarities of our missing nine minutes.

We used to go to shows in community halls,
But now it's nothing like that at all.
Did we deserve this? Living in fear of their next visit,
Uncomfortably. Could they take me,
Off the back of my bike? Am I going fast enough?
And I'm seeing you in everyone I'm passing as the red light goes up.

Genuine surprise, they call your name, "Mary",
You're the reason I'm here anyway.
Track Name: Triangle
You wanna talk about what they stole from us, well you stole about half of me.
But I don't mind, I'm gonna let you keep taking.

And it's becoming clear to me now how you can be recognized in two places at the one time.

You wanna talk about what you share with me but from now on I wanna share everything.
These rooms they preach forgive and forget, but I guess you got in my head the same way that they did.

And it's becoming clear to me now how you can be recognized in two places at the one time.

And I heard about this guy who knows all about missing time and maybe could offer an explanation for why they're keeping us alive.

And it's too bad that we met under these circumstances but I have little money and enough time to be taking chances.