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released February 24, 2011




all rights reserved


Driveway Dublin, Ireland

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Track Name: Etymology
I found the easiest approach
In giving up
And just following you around.
And with the green light switch
it all came to this
And it's bringing me down.

Break away
at the veins that are holding us together.
Hold me down
As you cut into my flesh
and pull out every word I've ever said.

I found the easiest approach
In going backward
Following histories to the source.
But all I found
was celebrations and people praying
and reminders that I'm not at home.

Break away
at the veins that are holding us together.
Hold me down
As you cut into my flesh
and pull out every word I've ever said.

Words make sentences
Like we make things up.
And words change meaning over time
Like the way we've become.

Hold on, like I'm holding on.
It worries me.
Track Name: Naomi Watts
I saw a painting in the window of some broken down art dealers,
And it reminded me of sometime.
So with some colours, I tried to show you what I couldn't put into words.
But you weren't home that day.

And now this property's for sale.

And I remember the days, you used to paint me pictures of your pain,
If I could go back in time I would, before this ever even started,
But I was never set up, to be an artist merely an advertisement for the top five ways to make mistakes.

So with some bloody knuckles and the hard skin on my hands I traced my way,
Through day and day, hoping I could catch up with your car,
When you drove away to find a better a house, a new haircut and a face,
They'd show on magazines when they were advertising

The newest face on our T.V. screens. But the only way I saw you was in photographs in my nightmares and my dreams.
Track Name: Münchausen Syndrome
Everyone sings about the sea
As if no one has ever been swallowed by a mountain range
Well I climbed to the highest peaks, hoping I could find you,
But you were nowhere to be seen.
The cold air it cut me, but everything was exactly the same.

As intricately complex as it seems,
This is merely a misnomer.
It's otherwise the connection between
ourselves and nothing.

Our broken feet,
Our travels
left incomplete
because of something a little less important.

Please show me
What it means to have faith.

As intricately complex as it may seem,
It's not that complicated.
It's somehow the connection between
Everybody else.

Our broken feet,
Our travels,
Left incomplete
Because someone said differently.

And I thought I smelled your breath.
and I thought I felt your teeth.
I thought I felt your hands
tearing through me.